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Rick Sparra | Riker3Images

Rick Sparra

Rick Sparra was born April 10, 1969 and raised in Trenton, New Jersey (USA). At a very young age, Rick showed true interest and great aptitude for creative arts. His first formal classroom instruction to film photography came in high school, and he extended his study of the craft while attending Clemson University where he earned a degree in Political Science and Liberal Arts.

After college, Rick embarked on what has become a successful career in the energy market and he is the President and owner of a well respected international management consulting firm. Throughout the years, Rick has continued to pursue his passion in photography through personal and professional free-lance commissions and he is well versed in many photographic techniques associated with portraiture (corporate, professional, fashion, portfolio), sports, landscape and architectural photography (et al). He continues to remain well educated in the photography craft where he stays active and current on new field techniques and technology.

Rick currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his lovely wife Nicole and their two sons Jake (also a photography enthusiast) and Jack.